Phospholipid Research Center | Workshop Proposal
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Workshop Proposal


Workshops are intended to intensively discuss specific phospholipid research related themes among experts in presence of an interested audience (max 20–50 persons). A workshop is not a symposium. This may be combined with practical demonstrations in the laboratories of the organizer. Seminars should be combined with round table discussions. In order to get a lively discussion, experts having different opinions in the field should participate and a controversial theme may be selected. The results of the workshop should be published in form of proceedings or a (popular) scientific journal or newsletter.


As part of the workshop proposal, it is essential to explain clearly and in detail the purpose of the workshop and the relevance and expected contribution to the phospholipid research field.


Further supportive information can be provided in a cover letter.


Workshops will be funded partially or completely. The results of the workshop should be published with reference to the Phospholipid Research Center.


The international Scientific Advisory Council of the Phospholipid Research Center will decide on the award of the workshop grant.



Deadlines for the workshop proposals are normally May 31 and November 30.


Please send your grant application and inquiries to:


Phospholipid Research Center
Im Neuenheimer Feld 515
69120 Heidelberg, Germany