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December 3rd–4th, 2018

3rd Strasbourg Workshop on Membrane Biophysics

Institut Charles Sadron Strasbourg, France

The 3rd Strasbourg Workshop on Membrane Biophysics will be devoted to the discussion of the Physics, the Chemistry and the Biology of lipid oxidation.


Invited Speakers


  • P. Aoki (Brasil)
  • S. Bonneau (France)
  • C. Helm (Germany)
  • N. Malmstadt (USA)
    and many more


Participation is free of charge and a registration before October 31st is required.
For more information please visit


Flyer PDF-file


September 9th–10th, 2019

6th Symposium on Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Research

Heidelberg, Germany


The 6th symposium on “Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Research” will present the latest advances in industrial and academic research on phospholipid-based formulations and products intended for oral, parenteral and topical administration. A general aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for discussion and contact between academia, industry and regulatory authorities throughout all areas of interests of phospholipid scientists and formulators.


Further information will be available soon.