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D. Gutekunst, 2018   The effect of saturated phospholipids on human skin assessed with shotgun lipidomic analysis   How deep can drugs penetrate into your skin? We presented our new skin penetration study with saturated phospholipids at the 11th PBP world meeting, on 22 March, 2018 in Granada. The Phospholipid Research...

FDA Press Announcement, August 4th, 2017   Vyxeos™   Vyxeos™ (daunorubicin and cytarabine) represents the first new chemotherapy advance in more than 40 years for these adults with AML. It is a liposome formulation of a fixed combination of daunorubicin and cytarabine for intravenous infusion. Vyxeos is indicated for...

Peter van Hoogevest, 2017   New Review Article published in European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2017   Klick here to read the full article  (PDF)...