Phospholipid Research Center | Mission
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Phospholipids are unique, multipurpose excipients for pharmaceutical use.


They are:

  • physiologically safe
  • toxicologically safe when used in the appropriate purity
  • natural and bio-degradable substances
  • suitable for all formulations and administration routes when used in the adequate composition


Phospholipids are already widely used in many registered pharmaceutical formulations worldwide. However, their use could still be further extended as they might be able to replace almost all other (synthetic) emulsifiers, solubilizers and surfactants.


To build up the knowledge on phospholipids international scientific experts in the field of phospholipid research established with support of the companies Lipoid GmbH and Phospholipid GmbH an independent Phospholipid Research Center located in Heidelberg, Germany, which is dedicated to enhance the use of various kinds of phospholipids by:

  • Promotion of the use of phospholipids in pharmaceuticals and
  • Distribution of the information available among scientists and practitioners


The Phospholipid Research Center activities extend the possible utilization and knowledge on the physiological significance of phospholipids of all kinds (i.e. natural, hydrogenated, synthetic, and modified phospholipids) and phospholipids as excipients in combination with active pharamceutical ingredients in pharmaceutical dosage forms.


The Phospholipid Research Center is a non-profit organisation, which intends to promote and provide a foundation for the use of phospholipids in pharmaceutics. Thus, information and assistance to scientists and practitioners are provided by associates and external advisors of the Phospholipid Research Center, either free of charge or at a cost.


The Phospholipid Research Center intends to become a primary point of contact regarding all phospholipid-related questions and for all relevant areas of expertise. Examples of areas of technical competency include:

  • technological aspects (production and formulation)
  • physiological aspects
  • toxicological aspects
  • analytical aspects and development of analytical standards
  • stability of phospholipids
  • interactions of phospholipids and active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • interaction of phospholipids with the biological milieu
  • new applications
  • new manufacturing processes of phospholipids
  • The Phospholipid Research Center is familiar with requirements of regulatory
  • authorities worldwide and participates in the compilation of monographs and
  • guidelines as a consultant in regulatory matters.


The Phospholipid Research Center consults experts in the relevant areas of expertise to foster the dialog between the various research fields.


The Phospholipid Research Center promotes research projects in various areas through:

  • sponsoring and promotion of work-shops, meetings and symposia with expert scientists
  • sponsoring of PhD theses and post-doc research projects at universities and (non-profit) research institutes