Welcome at the homepage of the Phospholipid Research Center.

Phospholipids are already widely used in registered pharmaceutical formulations worldwide. However, their use could still be further extended as they might be able to replace almost all other emulsifiers, solubilizers and surfactants.

Phospholipid Research Center Heidelberg

To build up the knowledge on phospholipids international scientific experts in the field established the independent Phospholipid Research Center located in Heidelberg, Germany with the support of the companies Lipoid GmbH and Phospholipid GmbH.

The Phospholipid Research Center aims to extend the possible utilization and knowledge on the physiological significance of all kinds of phospholipids (i.e. natural, hydrogenated, synthetic, and modified phospholipids) and phospholipids as excipients in combination with active ingredients in pharmaceutical dosage forms.